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About Us

StatOrg is "Statistical" and "Organizational"

StatOrg Services is a shortened way to emphasize that we provide statistical and organizational services.  We are trained in Lean Six Sigma and Baldrige Criteria for excellence, and that training has provided statistical knowledge and tools to inform and add value to all services we provide.

Leadership Coaching

We use governance and statistical analysis to:

  • Assess board governance performance

  • Assess board recruitment compared to goals

  • Assess board diversity

  • Assess staff diversity and development

  • Develop measures to track overall progress

Strategic Consulting

We use systems thinking and statistics to:

  • Identify gaps between expected performance and actual performance.

  • Identify areas where improvement is needed.

  • Align operating performance with key business goals.

  • Help the organization find opportunities for growth. 

Organizational Consulting

We use governance, excellence, and statistical analysis to:

  • Measure performance with appropriate goals, targets, schedules, data collection process, and procedures.

  • Raise the visibility of performance to higher importance.

  • Assess results using

    • meaningful levels

    • important trends in performance

    • comparing to benchmarks

    • the level of integration with customer needs and organization-wide goals

  • providing a systemic review using frameworks such as the Baldrige Framework as a measure of excellence​

  • Unlock the potential of your organization to achieve your vision, set sustainable goals and deliver expected results.

Environmental Social and Governance Policy

During Jim's tenure with Alliant Energy, he managed the company's Climate Challenge program.  This provided early insights into environmental issues, and the energy industry's role in reducing their impact on our environment.  Alliant Energy was an early adopter of renewable technologies such as wind energy and tree planting.

StatOrg Services has been an active member of Madison Downtown Rotary, and has seen the value of community service.  This is a very large club that has actively recruited a diverse membership, and has provided significant contributions to education, the environment, and activities to feed and clothe those in need.

Our Principal Consultant has been a board member for many years, and has learned and teaches governance principles for the boards he serves.  He has created policies on governance, executive limitations, CEO evaluation and compensation, term limits and bylaws for several organizations.

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