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Organizational Coaching


Board Development

Our experience as Board leaders gives us the knowledge and expertise needed to guide organizational board development and improvement.  We know:

  • Board governance and committee development

  • Corporate policies and executive limitations

  • Board recruitment and skills matrix development

  • Board diversity


Executive Development

Our experience with process improvement and systemic review gives us the tools and knowledge to help organizations find operations in need of improvement and suggest approaches to deliver the results expected.  We know:

  • Staff diversity and team development

  • Project and process management

  • Coaching to develop measures to track progress

Helping you do things right

Strategic Consulting


Organizations have become more complex as global and technological change impacts their market.  We work with you to help you understand where and what you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

This benefits the organization so they:

  • get the most from limited resources

  • increase customer satisfaction and organizational support

  • align operations with key business goals

  • help the business set sustaining goals and measures

Helping you do the right things

Organizational Consulting

Measuring  and Managing


"You get what you measure" -- whether it is really what you want or not. Therefore, it is extremely important to conduct adequate planning to define appropriate goals, metrics, targets, schedules, data collection processes, and analysis procedures. The goal of all this work is to raise the visibility and focus to the important things that are happening in the organization -- now and in the future.


We help you assess results with these four factors:

  • Levels working with a meaningful measurement scale

  • Trends working with rates of performance in important areas

  • Comparisons using appropriate organizations or benchmarks

  • Integration the extent your measures address important customer needs, process requirements and organization-wide goals

Systemic Review


We are trained in methodologies that we utilize to review your organization with you.  Organizations develop processes to deliver services and products to customers.  Frameworks such as the Baldrige Framework used globally as a measure of excellence (see below) give us insights and the key understanding you need to unlock the potential of your organization to achieve your vision, set sustainable  goals and objectives, and deliver expected results.

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